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Our Mission

Pages and Time aims to promote literacy within correctional facilities by donating new + used paperback books. We collect, process, and deliver books to various facilities in California, where there is a high demand. At the core, we believe everyone has a right to read. Yet access to books in prison is seen as a privilege, not a right. Books are a sorely lacking resource despite being highly sought after by those who are incarcerated.

We believe sending books can open the mind, introduce new perspectives, educate, empower, and simply show that someone cares. Join us!


Why the Dragonfly?

Driving one day after delivering books to Wasco prison, our Founder Anette thought a large bug hit her windshield. Miles and miles later, when stopped, she found this beautiful dragon fly had been tenaciously clinging to the bumper of her van the whole time. This is where her vision for the logo of our non-profit came from.

In almost every part of the world, the Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. It was and is our hope that these books can help an inmate change for the better and become the person their soul desires.

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Want to help spread Literacy Equality to the incarcerated? Here's how.
We operate as a Non-Profit + Public Charity Organization under EIN: 82-3688315 and Publication 78. Please email us to request a 501(c)3 and receive more details regarding your tax-deductible donations.


When you donate your hard earned money, you contribute to supplies that help us get books processed and shipped to those that need them. Please check back soon to sign up for our Monthly Donation Membership!


The majority of our book donations are sent to Wasco/Delano State Prisons + Chino Women's Prison. We currently distribute ONLY within the state of California. We are excited to grow our network as we continue to receive donations and add people to our awesome team of volunteers!


Want to donate books? Please see our Guidelines for what types of books are accepted, then email us to receive the shipping address. Nearly all genres are welcome!

Where Else

Not in California? Please check this list for other great Literature Equality orgs nationwide, courtesy of our East Coast Non-Profit friends, Prison Book Program.

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Read all about how Alya Alghamdi, record-setting Saudi Arabian track and field athlete, donated 300 books
to Pages & Time in effort to educate and empower inmates within state penitentiaries.
Read PR NEWSWIRE article here!

Book Donation Guidelines

Though we'd love to accept all book donations, we are distributing to the Prison Systems where a set of standards must be met. All books are thoroughly vetted and processed by our team of volunteers, donated in large quantities and reviewed a second time by prison system staff. Please note the following:

  • We do NOT accept requests to donate or distribute specific book titles to specific inmates.
  • Check the List of Banned Books Here.
  • As per the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP):
  • "Publications can only be rejected if they are found to be detrimental to the security, good order, or discipline of the institution or if it might facilitate criminal activity."
  • This is understood to include content such as details on how to make explosives, martial arts training manuals and books containing maps of the prison and its surrounding area. Each prison governor has the discretion to ban access to any reading material if he or she considers that the content presents a threat to good order or discipline, or that possession of the material is likely to have an adverse effect on the prisoner’s physical or mental condition.
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PO Box #66583
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Anette Bolan - Founder & President
Rebel Harrison - Treasurer
Brian Part - Secretary
Mary McNally - Events & Volunteer Coordinator


A large part of our donations originate from Bookmonster in Santa Monica, CA. We encourage you to check out their awesome book selection and support local businesses with a good heart!


Wolk & Levine, LLP graciously provides Pages & Time pro bono legal services and is our General Counsel.
Wolk & Levine, LLP works with clients throughout the world in several areas of law including business services, intellectual property, entertainment, and homeowners association law.

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We are always accepting helping hands, volunteers and used paperback books!
Shoot us an email.

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